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Hello, my name is Cheryl and I am a soda addict. Instead of running from my addiction, I intend to embrace it by getting one of these babies:

I’m already picturing this pretty in my new kitchen with my Giada insipired decor. On a related note, did I tell you all that I had to move during the hottest week in late August? No? I think I’ll save that tale for another day. My cat is still a little bitter about the whole ordeal.

So back to the good stuff. In case you haven’t heard of it, Soda Stream will take your plain old tap water and carbonate it. You can then add one of about 100 flavors to it. I saw it at my local Kitchen Kaboodle and fell in love. I tend to go thru a ton of bottles of club soda a month and usually waste about 1/2 of each bottle because it goes flat in a couple of days of opening.

I found this Swedish commercial on YouTube. No idea what the little guy is saying but I love when the sister hisses at him. I believe the translation is, “Life is hectic enough, buy this lovely Soda Stream and you can be as beautiful as this family is”. Or something to that effect.

If you want to pick one up for yourself, I saw it on sale at Kohls. Go pick one up today and then come back and tell me if it’s as wonderful as I hope it is. See what I did there? Making you do all the work? Just think of all the rewards of fresh soda goodness in your home every day.

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I’m going to get girly for just a moment so bear with me.

So I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time. At 38, that seems sort of strange, but my friends and family have always been the elope or court house sort of folk.

I had planned on letting people much more skilled in the ways of mascara and lip gloss handle my makeup that day. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling mix up, I was left to do my own makeup. I am fairly comfortable doing a day to day look, but felt a little nervous doing a photo ready face. I was also on a tight budget and needed products that wouldn’t slide off my face in the 95+ degree heat. Yay Summer weddings!

So here’s what I bought:

1. Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, $12.99

Great coverage and went on smoothly. Evened out my skin nicely and is SPF15.

2.Bare Minerals in Medium Beige(Matte), $28

At $28, that seems a little pricey, but you really only use a small amount over the tinted moisturizer. I put it on over my tinted foundation at the suggestion of a makeup artist. It stayed put for about 10 hours of sweating, photo taking, eating and dancing all night.

3. Wet n’ Wild in Silent Treatment, $1.99

This palette tells you where each color goes. Saved me a ton of time and made my eyes “pop” as the fashion magazines like to say. Also, did I tell you it was $1.99? Bam!

4. Wet ‘n Wild Megaplump Waterproof, $1.99

It plumped up my sparse lashes pretty well and didn’t melt in the sun.

5. e.l.f. All Over Stick in Pink Lemonade, $1(available at select Target stores)

Gave me a nice pinky glow, went on evenly and gave me a “dewy” look. Note I said “dewy” not “sweaty”. Very important.

6. N.Y.C. Color Wheel in Rose

I used this as a sort of highlighter/bronzer. Kept me from looking like my usual “Portland Pale” as I like to call it.

7.Wet n Wild 100% Natural Pressed Powder, $3

With oil absorbing ingredients like kaolin and cornstarch, I stayed shine-free all day and night. Went on super smooth and felt a lot more expensive than it was. My favorite new beauty find.

8. Rimmel Lip Liner in East End Snob $5.79

This is very nice lip liner. Won’t pull at your lips. Very smooth and goes with well with berry or rose colored lip colors. Paraben free to boot!

9.Wet n Wild Natural Blend Lip Shimmer in Berry, $1.99

I love, love, love this lip shimmer. I use it almost every day. Doesn’t smell or taste bad, looks natural and stays on pretty well. Helped moisturize my chapped lips to help them look smooth in photos.

So that’s it. Took me about 20 minutes to do my whole look. I even received a compliment from someone who thought the salon’s makeup artist did my face!

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Canceled. The word that seems to follow so many of my favorite shows. I didn’t even share my grief with you all over the cancellation of Chicago Code. The pain is still too deep.

Read the official statement from SyFy(still hating that name by the way) about the cancellation here.

EW asks what this means for the future of SyFy.

Erica Cera(Depuy Lupo) gives here thoughts on the end of Eureka.

CNN has a few celebrity reactions to the cancellation.

I will go drown myself in a pint of Three Twins and console myself with the knowledge that there is still a Christmas special and season 5 to look forward to.

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This is why I have a blog my friends. So I can spread the word about zombie invasions, the sad demise of great television shows and what I believe to be the most amazing ice cream EVER, Three Twins.

Besides the cool logo, Three Twins Ice Cream is organic and comes in Bittersweet Chocolate, Mint Cookie, Strawberry and a bunch more. I love all the flavors, but my new favorite is this one:

It’s a little bit of summer sunshine in a pint.