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The Fall

the_fall_movie_posterI have no real reason for bringing this up but did anyone see The Fall directed by Tarsem Singh(The Cell)? It came and left the theaters so fast I don’t think anyone had a chance to see it which is really too bad because it is one of the most magnificent films visually. I would love to see this on the big screen. Filmed in 18 countries, the film stars Lee Pace, who you might know from the now cancelled Pushing Daisies, and a little girl named Catinca Untaru who gives an amazing performance for such a young actor.

Check out the website for a gallery of pics and more info on the film, then go rent it.

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The Wire: Latest cast news

thewirelogoTristan Wilds (Michael Lee) and Rick Otto(Office Dozerman)have been cast in a WW II drama “Red Tails”, produced by George Lucas. They join the growing cast of Wire alums including Andre Royo(Bubbs) and Michael K. Jordan(Wallace).

Melissa Leo has signed on to David Simon’s next project, Treme, which will start filming late this year. Clarke Peters(Lester Freamon) and Wendell Pierce(Detective Bunk) have already signed on. The wait is gonna kill me.

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Why Fy?

syfylogoHave you all seen what the revamp of the Sci Fi Channel logo. Meh.

I get the need to brand themselves, a google search of Sci Fi returns alot more than the Sci Fi Channel, but Sy Fy? I think the new revamp has viewers a little nervous that the channel’s focus will shift away from the core programming and branch out into more mainstream programming(more ECW in other words). Time will tell, but with the new Caprica series, a new Stargate series and the return of Sanctuary, I think there will still be enough sci fi programming for everyone.

Sci Fi president, Dave Howe responds to viewer comments and complaints here. I think I’m going to write to Dave myself and make sure he’s not touching Sci Fi movie gems like this.

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Is anyone watching this show? I turned it on one day when I was being a couch potato and was hooked. It’s like Sex in the City with less graphic sex and more story.  I’ve been a fan of Sharon Small from the Inspector Linley series on PBS’ Mystery and she is great in this.

Oh and for you Fringe watchers, Anna Torv plays a hot lesbian on the show.