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When models go bad.

Does anyone remember when America’s Next Top Model used to be watchable? Before Miss Tyra decided wrapping models in meat was a fierce idea(you know I couldn’t post about ANTM without using the word fierce right)? Now it’s all about seeing just how nutty Tyra will be this week, or seeing just how orange Mr. Jay can get. I’m only bringing this all up because I have a site I think you would enjoy called, Television Without Pity. They do the best recaps of ANTM. A must when you are bored at work and need to burn some time off the clock. Check out this week’s recap here.

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Someone needs to spell check…

cat_typingMy TV is getting a little old and the sound is not the best, so occasionally I turn on the close captioning. So today I am watching Martha Stewart and a guest on the show ask’s Martha her favorite drink and the close caption gives Martha’s answer as:

“Kozzma poll tin”


This happens all the time. Seriously, who is typing these things? Do they get bored and decide periodically to start messing with the viewer? Man, there it goes again:

Martha just asked an audience member if she had a compost heap in her backyard. Here is the closed caption translation:

Do you hav have a come post hapy back?

I feel sorry for people who really rely on this stuff. My theory is that budget cuts have forced them to use animal labor. Jeez.

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Sherlock Holmes Poster revealed.

sherlockposter1The new poster for Sherlock Holmes was revealed at Showest last week. The movie won’t be opening for awhile but it looks like it’s going to be truer to the original Arthur Conan Doyle’s original vision of Sherlock Holmes. Click here to watch a video interview with the cast and read more about the film.

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Slings and Arrows

slingsI was thinking about the trip I am planning to take to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival shortly, and it made me remember one of my all time favorite series, Slings and Arrows. If you haven’t seen this I advise you get it as soon as possible, lock yourself in your house, turn off the phone, grab your favorite snacks and hit play.

This is a Canadian series that goes behind the scenes at a fictional Shakespeare Festival. It stars an actor I adore, Paul Gross, who you may remember(or not) from Due South and Mark McKinney from Kids in the Hall. Oh and just for the guys who may be reading this, Rachel McAdams, the hot girl from Wedding Crashers is in it too. Each season covers one production from start to finish, the first season is Hamlet and the last season is King Lear. Shakespeare fan or not, I think you will love this series.

Click here to watch a few minutes from Season 1.