Being a zombie isn’t the only way to lose a finger apparently.

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Just in time for Easter, Zombie Research Society, has a fantastic zombie bunny painting from artist Cambria Evans. One of Cambria’s clients is Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Lucky girl. It would be nice to work for a company that actually appreciates and encourages creative thinking but who am I kidding,  I have tried dozens of crafts from her show and it NEVER comes out looking like it did on her show. I call the craft a success if I don’t end up with glitter up my nose and glue in my hair. I am apparently not alone in my feelings of craft inadequacy. Gawker talks about why Martha makes them feel like losers.

For all the guys I completely turned off with all the craft talk, The Consumerist talks about Martha Stewart lounge chairs that are eating peoples fingers. Hey, their words not mine.

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