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I was feeling a little depressed with Tax Day coming and with me having no money and stuff, when I read that Ed Quinn, formerly of Eureka, has been added to the cast of True Blood. Yay! I’m much better now.

Yes, I watch True Blood. I love that show and cannot wait for it to return. It’s amazing to me how many people I run into who tell me they started watching it thinking it was going to suck (hah…see how I made a vamp reference there…sorry) but ended up really liking it. There’s murder and shape shifters and hot vampires that don’t sparkle. I mean really…what’s not to love? Check out the opening credits from Season 1 as sung by Jace Everett along with a few minutes from the premiere(warning: it does contain a few swear words and sexual references if you’re bothered by that kinda stuff).