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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.


I am in Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival this week. I have seen two amazing performances so far. One starring the creepy psychiatrist from Silence of the Lambs. The other was an extremely bloody but completely awesome Macbeth. Apparently, tomorrow is also Talk Like Shakespeare Day in Chicago in honor of the famed bard’s birthday. Make your coworkers think you’ve gone a little off and pepper your conversation with lots of “thous” and “thines” and the occasional “get thee to a nunnery!” Click here for some cool videos(including Gillian’s Island does Hamlet?!Bizarre right?) and learn about phrases that were coined by Shakespeare including “Wild Goose Chase” and “Knock Knock. Who’s There?”

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So I just saw a news story about that damn Snuggie…the item you wish you had thought of so you could be filthy rich…but really if you had thought about it you would have said to yourself “Why would anyone PAY FOR A BACKWARDS ROBE??” Well, the jokes on all of us who thought a blanket was perfectly sufficient to keep us warm.