The time has come.

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Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? Got your hideout all stocked? No? Then you better get a move on because I’m telling you now that Swine Flu is just the coverup for the real deal…Zombies! Just read this article at the Telegraph:

“It’s like we’re in a strange zombie movie or something,” said Gerardo Garcia, a 23-year-old student, hurriedly stocking up with groceries.

“You don’t know who could be carrying this plague so it is best to just keep behind closed doors as much as possible.”

Uh huh. Laugh at my paranoia now but just remember this moment when your next door neighbor is chewing on your brain.

One thought on “The time has come.

  1. I have been getting ready for the zombie outbreak for a while now. Iv got swords,axes,daggers,spears,iv got all the tools needed to kill a whole horde of zombies. and im getting other things that will be necessary like a C.B radio for when all the other lines of communication glad 2c im not the only person getting prepared.All the other people who say it cant or wont happen will be the first to get eaten alive. Let us not forget the predictions of Nostradamus whitch suggested that there would be a strange outbreak originating in the far east, sometime around the early 20th century – he went on to say that the outbreak would occur at the time of a great competition – could this mean there may be a zomb-fest at the Japanese Olympics?? Lets keep our eyes and ears open.
    Get back to me if you have other news

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