Harry Potter: The Exhibition

After I either rob a bank or win the lottery so I can go to this exhibit, I apparently need to carve out some additional funds for the Harry Potter: The Exhibition which just opened in Chicago today! The Chicagoist talks about this interactive exhibit of over 200 props and costumes from the movies, including Buckbeak, Mandrakes, Hagrid’s Hut and much more. They also have the Sorting Hat which will tell you what house you would be put in. How cool is that? The exhibit runs thru September, if you are lucky enough to make it to Chicago, click here for more info and how you can purchase tickets.

You’ve probably seen this trailer by now if you are a Harry Potter fan, but here it is again just in case. The movie opens July 15th:

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The Strain.


I apologize for being behind in posts. I seem to have brought back a nasty virus from my vacation. Probably caught it at the petri dish of germs they call Walmart. I am officially calling it the Swine Cold. Trademark 2009.

Moving on. Fangoria has an interesting post about a new trilogy of vampire books called, The Strain, written by filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro(Pan’s Labrynth, Hellboy II, Devil’s Backbone) and author Chuck Hogan(Prince of Thieves). It’s set in New York as a vampiric virus takes over the city…and not a sparkling pretty boy vampire in sight. The book hits the shelves on June 2nd in hardcover. Here Guillermo talks about his love of the vampire genre and what inspired him to co-write The Strain: