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Dinosaurs and Drug Dealers.


Good news Primeval fans, Season 3 will be back on BBC America starting May 19th. I’m still ticked that they killed Stephen(James Murray) off. He’s the hot one, second from the left. Why are they always killing off the cute ones? Here’s a promo for the next season:

In completely unrelated news, Den of Geek has a theory why more people haven’t watched The Wire. Apparently it’s my fault, or I should say all Wire fan’s faults:

“Given that human nature invariably includes a dislike of being told what to do, it’s not much surprise that many recipients of what we could politely call ‘The Wire lecture’ decided not to act on it. And it’s created a segment of people who really suspect they’d like the show, who know that it’s something that’s supposed to be really good, but are disinclined to give it a try. Simply put: the sheer force of those who love the show is enough to put many people off it.”

I sorta agree. I didn’t watch it until the entire series was over, and only after being pestered non-stop by three people that it was one of the best shows EVER. I thought it was going to be too Sopranos violent, with constant and brutal violence in every episode. Instead I was drawn in by superb writing and actors who completely absorbed their characters. It is really an amazing series. I won’t demand you see it but I highly recommend that you do so. SOON.

Here’s a video of the Blind Boys of Alabama singing the theme song, Way Down in the Hole, at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival in 2007. The footage is a little shaky but worth listening to:


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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.


I am in Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival this week. I have seen two amazing performances so far. One starring the creepy psychiatrist from Silence of the Lambs. The other was an extremely bloody but completely awesome Macbeth. Apparently, tomorrow is also Talk Like Shakespeare Day in Chicago in honor of the famed bard’s birthday. Make your coworkers think you’ve gone a little off and pepper your conversation with lots of “thous” and “thines” and the occasional “get thee to a nunnery!” Click here for some cool videos(including Gillian’s Island does Hamlet?!Bizarre right?) and learn about phrases that were coined by Shakespeare including “Wild Goose Chase” and “Knock Knock. Who’s There?”

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April showers bring May flowers…and…vampire stuff.


Check out the rad new teaser poster for True Blood which is coming back on June 14th. June too far away you say? Yeah, I’m with you on that. In the meantime, here’s a few goodies to hold you for awhile:

Ropes of Silicon has the new trailer here

Electra/Atlantic Records will release the soundtrack featuring songs from Jace Everett, Lucinda Williams, Dr John and more on May 19th

Read about the PaleyFest True Blood panel discussion here

The next Sookie Stackhouse book will be out on May 5th

Still not enough? Tough. That’s all I got for now.

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Guess what I’m doing this weekend?


I just started it and I kinda like it. Im reading a scene where the Bennett sisters take out a hoarde of “unmentionbles” using their martial arts training. Good times. Did you hear what book he’s tackling next? Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Not too sure about that one. I think the joke could get old fast. We’ll see.

*note how thrilled the cat is that I’ve started including her in the blog…this was the very next pic I took:


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Warriors…come out and play.


It’s the 30th anniversary of The Warriors…30 years…geez I’m feeling old. I was in love with that movie, alot of it had to do with a bare chested Michael Beck. It was definitely a quintessential 70’s/early 80’s movie with all the feathered hair and shirtless leather vests…oh yeah and the disturbing Baseball Furies…anyone remember them? To celebrate the 30th anniversary, The Warriors is being turned into a comic book series, with a new video game to follow later this year. Check out the movie trailer, I swear it’s the same voiceover guy from Tarantino’s fake trailer ad for Machete.

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I’m in a bad relationship.


Ok…I need to vent. Every week I watch Ghost Hunters, and every week they find NOTHING. Oh sure, occasionally they get some recording of a voice saying something unintelligible, and the ghost hunter guy always says something stupid like, “I believe it’s saying I AM HERE.” Yeah sure it did. Why do I torture myself? I think it’s an abusive relationship. I keep breaking up with the show and the next thing you know it’s tapping at my screen saying “C’mon baby…I’ll do better this time…let me in.” And so I do and the vicious cycle begins again. Ugh.

Apparently, I’m not the only one feeling a little burned by Ghost Hunters. Darby Conley’s included them in his Get Fuzzy comic.

Get Fuzzy - April 7, 2009