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Aqua Teen Hunger Force goes live action.


From TV Squad, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force season finale will be a live action episode featuring T-Pain as Frylock, Jon Benjamin as Master Shake, and Carl look-alike contest winner Dave Long Jr. Meatwad was apparently un-castable(is that even a word or did I just make that up?too lazy too look it up) so they are going with something that will  “bare a striking resemblance to an exercise ball,” according to the Adult Swim press release.

I love Aqua Teen, but my favorite show is Frisky Dingo. It’s messed up in the best possible way. Click here to watch an episode. Just a warning though, do not click if you easily offended, do click if you need a really good laugh.

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Free Zombie Killin’…today only!


Hurry before it’s too late…Steam is offering Left 4 Dead for free until 11:59p GMT today only. They have also discounted the purchase price by 40% this weekend only.  If you’ve never used Steam before, make sure to download the program via the green button on the left side of the homepage before you try to play Left 4 Dead or like a certain blogger you will think something is wrong with the site for a good half hour. Yes, I am an idiot. Happy Zombie shootin’!

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Better Off Ted.

It’s videos like this that make me love Better Off Ted just a little bit more. It’s a response from Veridian Dynamics(the company where Ted works)to being bumped off the schedule due to the president’s primetime press conference. Find out all about Veridian Dynamics here, including these fun facts:

  • Our diversified corporation is building a brighter future through our patented system of science and innovation, known as “sciencevation.
  • Veridian Dynamics is at the forefront of feminist issues. Before we started dumping waste in the oceans only fifty percent of fish had female genitalia. Now it’s up to eighty-five!
  • Over half our employees work in the legal department. So don’t even think about suing us. We’re looking at you, guy with no face who used that shampoo we recalled.