Oh kids…Christmas just came early. Check out the new trailer for the straight to DVD movie, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus:

The movie stars Lorenzo Lamas and Deborah(don’t call her Debbie) Gibson. The final shot in that trailer is what really sells it, a shark grabbing a plane out of the air? Genius.

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Top Model judge fired.


Why can’t Miss Tyra keep a “former supermodel” spot on the judging panel filled for more than a year or two? First it was Janice, then Twiggy and now Paulina has been kicked to the curb. Too much competition for the diva I guess. Apparently¬†Paulina was¬†fired on her birthday. Real nice Tyra.

In happier ANTM news, the finale is tonight. Watch to see what insane final catwalk they devise for the remaining two models. This season was pretty dull, where were the meat bikini shoots or “look a spiders on my face” closeups?? My guess is the winner will be Allison, the one that looks like a Blythe doll and loves blood. Disturbing.