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Zombies take over Cannes.


One  of the films generating alot of buzz at the Cannes Film Festival this year is Colin, a zombie pic told from the zombie’s point of view and was made for only $70. Check out the review over at  Fatally Yours.

I don’t think I could handle all the shaky camera work, but it does sound interesting. It is a shining example of what a filmmaker can do with a good product and little money. Distributors are already fighting for the rights, so the filmmaker is about to become a very rich man indeed. Hope he shares some of it with all the volunteers that made the film happen.

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Meet George Fan.


I posted about it before, but with all the new reviews for Plants vs Zombies, I thought I would post this interview with the game’s creator, George Fan.

This is the perfect zombie game for someone like me, I tried to play Left 4 Dead but kept going in circles, repeatedly saying,”Ready guys?” I’m amazed my team didn’t shoot me in the first 5 minutes. I can handle throwing watermelons and shooting pea pods at the zombies alot better.