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You’ll poke your eye out.

Soooo…anyone watch Keith Olbermann’s “World’s Best” segment lastnight? Click here to watch the clip. Although the first story about the couple beating each other up with Cheetos is awesome, the story I am referring to is the second story. Did you know there are people tattooing their EYEBALLS????!!!! I thought it had to be a joke, but nope, here’s a link to some pictures of the procedure, please do not click if you are squeamish or if you do not want horrifying images burned into your brain.


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Dad shoots at lazy sons.

best_dad_mug-p168192651171831599uhpr_400Here’s my favorite story of the day. A man shoots at his adult slacker sons for not doing chores when he asks them to. Watch the clip and tell me you wouldn’t side with the dad on this one. The best quote comes after the reporter says the man’s son’s jumped him and pinned him to the ground, after letting their dad get up, he went and got his gun:

“I even it up, I got a gun, I even it up, I go get my gun.”

Father knows best.