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Emmy nominees announced.


Not a whole lot of surprises with this year’s Emmy nominations. I am happy to see Gabriel Byrne getting a nod for In Treatment, it’s an excellent series if you haven’t watched it yet. Also nice to see Dexter, MadMen and Breaking Bad receive nominations. Too bad Battlestar was ignored yet again, I guess Emmy voters don’t watch sci fi shows. Their loss.

I also had high hopes that Jeffrey Donovan or Bruce Campbell would get noticed for Burn Notice but no, let’s give yet another award to Tony Shaloub for Monk. Ugh

Click here if you want to see all of this year’s nominees.

Update: I should make a correction, BSG did get some nods, but it was in the technical category and one for the webisode. I wanted them to get nominated for the biggees, best actor, drama series, etc…