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Heather, my love, there’s a new bad series headed our way.

I must be psychic. Well probably not, I just know that Hollywood has run out of original ideas and is going to develop Heathers into a tv show. Variety.com reports:

“(The)Dark comedy will be adapted for TV by scribe Mark Rizzo, with an assist from “Sex and the City” alum Jenny Bicks. Sony Pictures TV, where Bicks is based, will produce, along with Lakeshore Entertainment, which holds the rights to “Heathers.”

It’ll probably be like Gossip Girl meets 90210 with a few suicides tossed in. Who will be the new Veronica and JD? Oooh I know, Michelle Trachtenberg and Zac Efron. They’ll probably try to get Winona and Christian to guest star as the parents. Cringe.