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Primeval will be back!

Good news Primeval fans, BBC Worldwide has rescued it from extinction(sorry…that was bad I know). SciFi Wire reports:

“Under the new funding arrangements, BBC Worldwide, responsible for licensing the show to around 45 countries, replaces ITV as the program’s biggest investor.

Meanwhile, BBC America, which airs Primeval in the U.S., has joined Germany’s ProSieben as a co-production partner on the show.

As part of the deal, ITV will premiere the fourth season of the show in early 2011, while UKTV premieres the fifth season later the same year. It’s not clear when Primeval will cross the pond, but we expect it’ll be sometime the same year.”

I’m happy to hear this news because they really did leave us with a cliffhanger, those bastards.

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Man builds Doctor Who Dalek from 480,000 matchsticks.


Everyone’s got to have a hobby right?

“This full scale matchstick model of one of television’s scariest aliens is the work of Brian Croucher, 66, who spent more than two years on the task in the sitting room of his end of terrace house in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

He finished it last month by applying the last of three coats of clear varnish to the 480,000 matches which have been cut, shaped and sanded into the 5ft 3in extraterrestrial.”


Why SNL needs a 3 second delay.


Rough first day on the job for new SNL cast member Jenny Slate. She dropped the f-bomb in the middle of her skit with Kristen Wiig. The video is up at the Huffington Post(for as long as it takes NBC to order them to take it down).

Judging by the uproar over Janet exposing her nipple, this should keep the FCC busy for a couple of years. Personally, I could care less, I’m just pissed Lorne Michaels fired a talent like Michaela Watkins for her.

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Randy Quaid arrested.

Apparently Randy Quaid and his wife were arrested for neglecting to pay a $10,000 hotel bill. While that is mildly interesting, I only chose to share this with you all because of the awesome photo CNN chose to accompany the story. Did you click the link? There are no words.

Update: The mugshot has been posted here. He looks so damn happy to be arrested. Maybe the photographer just told a good Knock Knock joke.

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Julia Child is a rockstar.

I was watching PBS yesterday and they had a special on Julia Child. The special featured her “Omelette” episode from The French Chef series. It was amazing how she could create an omelette in 20 seconds flat. I want to try it but I know it would still come out a sad, gooey little mess.

I am also reading, “My Life in France”, Julia’s memoirs of living in France. It’s a really good book and makes me very hungry.

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Why 80’s fashions should die.

Today, Rachael Ray had a segment on Fall fashions. The question was, “Can I wear 80’s fashions which are coming back for Fall?”

I think I speak for everyone when I say, no, no you cannot.


I keep picturing this poor woman being approached all day by people telling her she forgot to take the cardboard out of her shirt.


This look is reminding me of someone, oh who could it be…