Werewolves and Vampires. Oh my.

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SciFi Wire says the new CW series, The Vampire Diaries, is worth watching. Really.

I’ll watch it at least once, but from the preview I saw, it looked tedious and angsty:

Does anyone remember Paul Wesley from Wolf Lake that lasted only one season in 2001? He played a teenager then too, kinda weird to still be playing a teenager almost 9 years later. I think Wolf Lake was ahead of it’s time, it starred Lou Diamond Phillips as a cop trying to find his girlfriend who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The trail leads him to Wolf Lake, a town chock full of werewolves. The cast was fantastic, Graham Greene played a science teacher, Tim Matheson as the sheriff trying desperately to keep the town’s rogue wolves in check and Sharon Lawrence played the wife of the alpha wolf. I couldn’t find a DVD that didn’t seem to be a bootleg, but you can catch reruns on SyFy or the Chiller network occasionally. I also found it on YouTube, but you have to watch it in segments.

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