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Send in the slutty clowns.


Salon.com has a good article about the slutting up of Halloween costumes:

“Just when we’d grudgingly resigned ourselves to Halloween’s transformation into International Dress Like a Fetish Porn Star Day, this year’s autumnal celebration is going the extra skank mile.”

It takes alot to offend me but a “Lovely Lolita” costume for teens? A sexy “Tin Man” costume for tweens??? Both are sold out by the way so you should be seeing them in a neighborhood near you this Halloween! We won’t even discuss the slutty pet costumes, I’m sure the Paris Hiltons of the world have bought those all up.


Poor baby, doesn’t she look like she’s giving the photographer the evil eye?

I remember thinking I was way cool with my “Princess” costume that came in box from Woolworths. Remember those stiff plastic masks with the hole cut outs you could barely breathe thru and the cheap plastic sheet with the princess dress painted on it(in what was surely lead paint from China)? Now those were costumes.

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What’s black and white and makes you say awwwww….

It’s kinda dark and rainy today so I thought we all needed a little perk me up. Meet the newest member of the San Diego Zoo panda family:


The panda will be named, according to Chinese custom, once he has reached 100 days. Here are a few more pics from his recent exams:




C’mon, seriously adorable right? If that doesn’t make you smile then I just can’t help you. The zoo also has a live Panda Cam where you can watch mama panda interact with her cub and click here for videos of the cub’s exams(watch the fifth exam to hear what sounds a baby panda can make…it’s pretty funny).