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Have you heard about Chatroulette? It’s basically the new bright shiny object being dangled on the interwebs. It allows you to connect, via your webcam, with a chat partner randomly chosen for you from users around the world. Most of it, as you might expect, results in alot of nudity and awkward situations. Huffington Post has chosen a few screen gems for you, but be warned, it is the internet so although there are some very funny images, other images will be offensive. That’s my official NSFW for you worker bees.


All signs point to cancelled for Better Off Ted.

Sad to say but I think we can put that last nail in Better Off Ted’s coffin. Both Andrea Anders(Linda) and Jay Harrington(Ted), have accepted roles in new sitcoms. Anders will be starring in Matthew Perry’s Mr Sunshine and Harrington will be the lead actor in an NBC sitcom Nature vs Nuture.

Probably asking too much from ABC, but one can always hope for a Lem/Phil spinoff.

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The Chinese try to explain Andy Dick to us.

How did we go for so long without the Chinese explaining the day’s biggest stories for us thru the use of cheap animation?!? The same people that brought you the genious that was the Tiger Woods Crash and the NBC Showdown, now give you The Andy Dick Incident.

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The Grammys.

Ok…who caught the Grammys tonight? That was some weird(and often boring) s***.  Here’s what we had:

Britney forgot to wear pants…AGAIN. I guess we should all just be glad she wore underwear.

Lady Gaga wore some crazy outfits and sang with the Queen Diva Himself, Elton.

We got to see Sasha Fierce’s amazing boobs. You can put them away now Miss Knowles.

Pink did a bizarre Cirque Du Soleil meets Sea World thing. There was lots of water dripping on the crowd below, which they really seemed to like.

There was also a really bad performance by Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks that I have erased immediately from my memory, but you can read about it over at Entertainment Weekly here. Overall I was meh about the whole thing. At least the AMAs had Adam Lambert grinding on his band members to spice things up. You can catch up on the good the bad and the bizarre over at E!Online and Huffington Post.

By the way, when did Huff Post stop being about political coverage and all about Hollywood?