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More casting news from Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.

Rooney Mara has been chosen to play Lisbeth Salander in the American remake of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. She will be joining Daniel Craig and Robin Wright Penn, who were cast earlier. I am cautiously optimistic that this will be good in light of the actors chosen to play the key roles. Not that they needed to remake an already amazing film, but the original has subtitles, and you know how it makes our little heads hurt to try to read subtitles and follow a movie at the same time.

Read more about Rooney over at Jezebel.

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“Hitting the Ground”

Well, last night’s True Blood was something wasn’t it?  I wonder how many gallons of fake blood Alan Ball goes thru in an episode? I bet he ups the order with each new show.

So, we bid goodbye to a few characters and learned something new about Miss Stackhouse. There was also an odd Massengill-esque sequence somewhere in the middle of the show that you really have to watch for yourself. I won’t say anymore, since some of you may still have it sitting on your TIVOs, but you can read the entire recap over at Salon here.

Maybe I will say one more thing, Pam is my new favorite vampire. Watch the end of TB and tell me I’m wrong.

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I’m back…again…to stay…probably?

Yeah I keep apologizing for the lack of posts. Let’s just say I will try to do better.

Moving on…I have a friend who wrote a really funny open letter to Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, in response to his recent rant about Lebron James moving to Miami. You don’t have to like sports to appreciate this response, just a fan of good writing and grammar. I suck at both so please do not judge me. Please to enjoy an “Open Letter from Rick Emerson re: Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert”:

To read the actual letter from Dan Gilbert, click here.

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There have been a lot of people making snarky comments about the death of Gary Coleman, who has sadly been a punchline for way too long. From Jezebel, read a sweet and well written tribute:

“It took about 2.5 seconds for hacky jokes about Coleman’s death to start flying around on the internet, which isn’t terribly unexpected, as the public has placed Coleman in that role for so long. But that’s a shame, and not just for the obvious reasons, but because Coleman’s legacy should not simply be that of a cautionary tale or a go-to reference for shitty comedians. Gary Coleman was really funny. He had insanely good timing and the ability to take a so-so joke and turn it into something special. There’s a reason his catchphrase has held up for 25 years: the best lines were the ones Gary Coleman delivered, not the ones told about him.”

Read the rest of the article here.


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The Grammys.

Ok…who caught the Grammys tonight? That was some weird(and often boring) s***.  Here’s what we had:

Britney forgot to wear pants…AGAIN. I guess we should all just be glad she wore underwear.

Lady Gaga wore some crazy outfits and sang with the Queen Diva Himself, Elton.

We got to see Sasha Fierce’s amazing boobs. You can put them away now Miss Knowles.

Pink did a bizarre Cirque Du Soleil meets Sea World thing. There was lots of water dripping on the crowd below, which they really seemed to like.

There was also a really bad performance by Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks that I have erased immediately from my memory, but you can read about it over at Entertainment Weekly here. Overall I was meh about the whole thing. At least the AMAs had Adam Lambert grinding on his band members to spice things up. You can catch up on the good the bad and the bizarre over at E!Online and Huffington Post.

By the way, when did Huff Post stop being about political coverage and all about Hollywood?