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Betty Draper’s Guide to Parenting.

You know what my big plans are for the weekend? Cranking up the a/c, grabbing a nice cool drink and watching the entire 3rd season of Mad Men. Oh yeah, I know how to party. NY Magazine on the other hand, is celebrating the return of Mad Men with a film montage of Betty Draper’s fine parenting skills.  Watch it here.

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Wire alumni casting news.

Andre Royo(Bubbs) will guest star in the season premiere of Fringe, my new favorite show. He will join fellow Wire alum Lance Reddick(Lt Daniels) who plays FBI Agent Phillip Broyles.

If you haven’t seen this show, pick up seasons one and two on DVD and get caught up because you do not want to miss a thing when the show returns in the Fall.

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I’m back…again…to stay…probably?

Yeah I keep apologizing for the lack of posts. Let’s just say I will try to do better.

Moving on…I have a friend who wrote a really funny open letter to Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, in response to his recent rant about Lebron James moving to Miami. You don’t have to like sports to appreciate this response, just a fan of good writing and grammar. I suck at both so please do not judge me. Please to enjoy an “Open Letter from Rick Emerson re: Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert”:

To read the actual letter from Dan Gilbert, click here.

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Torchwood coming to the US.

I’ve been a little busy, so I missed the announcement that Torchwood is coming to Starz. I’m cautiously optimistic about the news. FOX had been interested in bringing the show to the US but ended up passing. That was fine by me since there were rumors that they planned on making changes to Captain Jack’s omnisexual nature. Captain Jack as a straight man?!? As if.

Read more about the new show at MTV news.

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There have been a lot of people making snarky comments about the death of Gary Coleman, who has sadly been a punchline for way too long. From Jezebel, read a sweet and well written tribute:

“It took about 2.5 seconds for hacky jokes about Coleman’s death to start flying around on the internet, which isn’t terribly unexpected, as the public has placed Coleman in that role for so long. But that’s a shame, and not just for the obvious reasons, but because Coleman’s legacy should not simply be that of a cautionary tale or a go-to reference for shitty comedians. Gary Coleman was really funny. He had insanely good timing and the ability to take a so-so joke and turn it into something special. There’s a reason his catchphrase has held up for 25 years: the best lines were the ones Gary Coleman delivered, not the ones told about him.”

Read the rest of the article here.