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Help Haiti.

Please consider donating to one of the following organizations to help out with the Haiti relief:

American Red Cross

Yele Haiti

Mercy Corps


Doctor’s Without Borders

Tom’s Shoes($5 of each purchase for the next 48 hrs goes to the relief efforts thru Partners in Health)

Feisty Elle($15 from each purchase goes to Yele Haiti thru Jan 31st)

The smallest donation can make a difference. Thank you.

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I suck, I am aware.

Really sorry about the lack of posts. It was all due to my laptop hard drive crashing, leaving me with very old and extremely slow eMac to use for the last two weeks. The constant “spinning ball-0-death” drove me crazy and I ended up only signing on to read a few emails.

Thankfully, my laptop is finally repaired. I promise to get back on track and be a better poster. I appreciate your patience.

Happy Holidays!


Why SNL needs a 3 second delay.


Rough first day on the job for new SNL cast member Jenny Slate. She dropped the f-bomb in the middle of her skit with Kristen Wiig. The video is up at the Huffington Post(for as long as it takes NBC to order them to take it down).

Judging by the uproar over Janet exposing her nipple, this should keep the FCC busy for a couple of years. Personally, I could care less, I’m just pissed Lorne Michaels fired a talent like Michaela Watkins for her.