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Primeval is history.


BBC News has confirmed that Primeval has been cancelled. That’s a bummer. Although I felt like the show was slipping this season after losing Stephen and Cutter, I thought it was starting to pick up again after watching last week’s episode. Even a sub par BBC show is better than half of what’s on American television anyway. Wonder if the movie is still on?

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Help me help you.


How come nobody told me that Idris Elba was in a vampire series??? I guess I’m not a very good stalker if I don’t even know these things. Idris was in a British series called Ultraviolet, there were only 6 episodes in 1998, costarring Jack Davenport from BBC’s Coupling, and Susannah Harker who played Jane in Pride and Prejudice(the one with Colin Firth). According to Amazon, here’s a description:

“In a new twist on an old theme, the coolly stylish British miniseries Ultraviolet brings vampires into the 21st century, though the word vampire is never uttered in this mix of The X-Files and somber British TV mysteries like Touching Evil. Jack Davenport is a police detective who stumbles into an elite government agency when his partner and best friend suddenly becomes a nocturnal thug and bites him on the neck. Davenport reluctantly cuts off his old friends and lovers to join the team, which includes Idris Elba as a merciless ex-soldier and Susannah Harker as a medical researcher, and investigate a web of counterfeiting operations, banking scams, and experimental labs featuring human guinea pigs. “What they’re researching is pollution: contamination of their blood supply,” offers team leader and former priest Philip Quast, but the question remains: are they soulless monsters out to conquer mankind, or a persecuted minority who just want to live in peace with the humans?”

That’s going into my Netflix queue today.

kindredOh and when I was checking Amazon for info about Ultraviolet, I came across Kindred: The Embraced. I know I’m not the only one that remembers that show. It was about the battle between the vampire and werewolf clans, starring a very sexy Mark Frankel as the head of the vampires. It was yet another show I probably got cancelled by liking it. Thanks once again FOX, killer of all shows I love. They still have a fan website up after all these years. Check the site out here.