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Here we go again.


You know how I feel about Ghost Hunters. If you should feel like torturing yourself tonight by following ghost hunters, Steve and Tango, via live camera feeds at the Essex County Hospital, knock yourself out. They even have a Panic button just in case you see something on the cameras, which I’m sure you will. Yes, I was being sarcastic. Sorry this damn swine flu is making me cranky.

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I’m in a bad relationship.


Ok…I need to vent. Every week I watch Ghost Hunters, and every week they find NOTHING. Oh sure, occasionally they get some recording of a voice saying something unintelligible, and the ghost hunter guy always says something stupid like, “I believe it’s saying I AM HERE.” Yeah sure it did. Why do I torture myself? I think it’s an abusive relationship. I keep breaking up with the show and the next thing you know it’s tapping at my screen saying “C’mon baby…I’ll do better this time…let me in.” And so I do and the vicious cycle begins again. Ugh.

Apparently, I’m not the only one feeling a little burned by Ghost Hunters. Darby Conley’s included them in his Get Fuzzy comic.

Get Fuzzy - April 7, 2009