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Help me help you.


How come nobody told me that Idris Elba was in a vampire series??? I guess I’m not a very good stalker if I don’t even know these things. Idris was in a British series called Ultraviolet, there were only 6 episodes in 1998, costarring Jack Davenport from BBC’s Coupling, and Susannah Harker who played Jane in Pride and Prejudice(the one with Colin Firth). According to Amazon, here’s a description:

“In a new twist on an old theme, the coolly stylish British miniseries Ultraviolet brings vampires into the 21st century, though the word vampire is never uttered in this mix of The X-Files and somber British TV mysteries like Touching Evil. Jack Davenport is a police detective who stumbles into an elite government agency when his partner and best friend suddenly becomes a nocturnal thug and bites him on the neck. Davenport reluctantly cuts off his old friends and lovers to join the team, which includes Idris Elba as a merciless ex-soldier and Susannah Harker as a medical researcher, and investigate a web of counterfeiting operations, banking scams, and experimental labs featuring human guinea pigs. “What they’re researching is pollution: contamination of their blood supply,” offers team leader and former priest Philip Quast, but the question remains: are they soulless monsters out to conquer mankind, or a persecuted minority who just want to live in peace with the humans?”

That’s going into my Netflix queue today.

kindredOh and when I was checking Amazon for info about Ultraviolet, I came across Kindred: The Embraced. I know I’m not the only one that remembers that show. It was about the battle between the vampire and werewolf clans, starring a very sexy Mark Frankel as the head of the vampires. It was yet another show I probably got cancelled by liking it. Thanks once again FOX, killer of all shows I love. They still have a fan website up after all these years. Check the site out here.

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Latest Stringer news…


Idris Elba is in negotiations to star in a film version of the Vertigo/DC comic ‘The Losers’. His co-star would be Jeffrey Dean Morgan who you know from Watchmen but I know as the hot but troubled father from Supernatural.

On a side note, does Idris ever take a bad photo? I think we all know the answer to that question. Hell. No.

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Speaking of The Wire…

elbaDid anyone watch last night’s The Office with Idris Elba(aka Stringer Bell)? He looked pretty much the same as he did on The Wire with his business suit, glasses and briefcase. I kept waiting for him to bitch slap Michael Scott though. Would have made the show a little more watchable for me.

I just haven’t been able to get into The Office this season. Maybe getting the chance to stare at Stringer Bell/Charles Minor for a half hour every week will change all that.

Watch the episode here at the internet’s gift to the unemployed and broke…Hulu.

Click here to be blown away by Idris Elba’s British accent as he talks to NPR’s Terry Gross about how he got the role of Stringer Bell. I can tell Terry is as big a fan of The Wire as I am.