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Once a vampire…


It’s a bit of typecasting, but Cam Gigandet(Twilight) and Stephen Moyer(True Blood), have been cast in the new vampire film Priest. The movie, starring Paul Bettany and Maggie Q, follows a priest (Paul Bettany) who rebels against the church to avenge a group of murderous vampires who have kidnapped his niece. Gigandet’s character helps the priest because he is in love with his niece, while Moyer plays the brother of the clergyman.

Here’s some other True Blood items of interest:

Ed Quinn who was sadly blown to bits as Stan the Vampire, has been added to the cast of Mischa Barton’s new series, The Beautiful Life, which will air in the fall on The CW. Read the article here.

MTV shares some fun facts about Alexander Skarsgard(Eric Northman) in honor of his 33rd birthday.

Grab a case of True Blood Napa Valley Syrah just in time for your season finale party.

People Mag features Jace Everett, who sings the show’s theme song, “Bad Things”.

Mehcad Brooks(Eggs) participated in “Tag the World”. A celebrity triathalon event held in Hawai’i on Sunday. Click here for lots of sweaty six pack photos.

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I was feeling a little depressed with Tax Day coming and with me having no money and stuff, when I read that Ed Quinn, formerly of Eureka, has been added to the cast of True Blood. Yay! I’m much better now.

Yes, I watch True Blood. I love that show and cannot wait for it to return. It’s amazing to me how many people I run into who tell me they started watching it thinking it was going to suck (hah…see how I made a vamp reference there…sorry) but ended up really liking it. There’s murder and shape shifters and hot vampires that don’t sparkle. I mean really…what’s not to love? Check out the opening credits from Season 1 as sung by Jace Everett along with a few minutes from the premiere(warning: it does contain a few swear words and sexual references if you’re bothered by that kinda stuff).