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There have been a lot of people making snarky comments about the death of Gary Coleman, who has sadly been a punchline for way too long. From Jezebel, read a sweet and well written tribute:

“It took about 2.5 seconds for hacky jokes about Coleman’s death to start flying around on the internet, which isn’t terribly unexpected, as the public has placed Coleman in that role for so long. But that’s a shame, and not just for the obvious reasons, but because Coleman’s legacy should not simply be that of a cautionary tale or a go-to reference for shitty comedians. Gary Coleman was really funny. He had insanely good timing and the ability to take a so-so joke and turn it into something special. There’s a reason his catchphrase has held up for 25 years: the best lines were the ones Gary Coleman delivered, not the ones told about him.”

Read the rest of the article here.


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With all the rain and the whole being unemployed thing, I am feeling a little blah today. Thankfully I have Jezebel, a wonderous place from which hilarious and disturbing clips like this come from. A warning, do not click if you are offended by Turtle Porn.

One of the best parts of posts on Jezebel, are the comments people leave. My favorite being this one:

I’d venture to say that the first few seconds of that clip, where the male is headbutting the stone in an attempt to mount the female, made many of us watching think “Yeah. I’ve been there.”

My day is sunnier already.