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Worth the wait?


Did you catch True Blood lastnight? It definitely made up for making us wait a week for a new episode. The birthday party scene was insane with all the sex and dirt eating and Maryann growing claws. Neato. I’ve found some True Blood links to keep you from doing any actual work at the office today:

The LA Times has a recap of last night’s episode and USA Today thinks True Blood is one of TV’s true joys.

TV Guide talks to Michelle Forbes(Maryann) and asks her about the vibrating during sex thing.

E! Online’s Must List Live debates who is the hotter vampire…Eric or Bill? I say Eric. Discuss.

Find out what music was used in the show at True-Blood.net.

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Good riddance.


I always wondered who was the tool that was responsible for eliminating music videos from MTV’s lineup in favor of such classic entertainment like The Hills, Jackass and TRL. Apparently the man’s name is Brian Graden, who is leaving the network after 13 glorious years of destroying the whole purpose of MTV, which used to be about…oh what’s that word again….oh yeah… MUSIC!

I know I’m a dreamer, but since Viacom won’t be filling the position, and is looking to save some cash, could they maybe start adding back in some videos in lieu of stupid reality shows? Yeah, it’s a pipe dream, I am aware.