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Ok everyone ready to cringe and go “Ewwwww”?

Ed Helms says he really had his tooth pulled for The Hangover. Via CinemaBlend.com:

““He (dentist) actually had to break the crown off and then unscrew the post from the implant. That leaves a huge hole in your gum and the tissue has to stay healthy, so he screwed in a piece that his lab made that matched my gum tissue. Once the movie was done I got a fresh new implant.”

Wow. That’s dedication to one’s craft right? I thought I was reading an Onion story until I heard him tell the story on NPR’s, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Click here to listen to the podcast. Ed also talks about his banjo playing and role as Andy “Nard Dog” Bernard on The Office. I heart Ed, I really do, toothless and all.

Also, listen to the podcast to hear a bizarre remix of the Tetris video game theme song by Andrew Lloyd Webber(yes….that Andrew Lloyd Webber).



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Speaking of The Wire…

elbaDid anyone watch last night’s The Office with Idris Elba(aka Stringer Bell)? He looked pretty much the same as he did on The Wire with his business suit, glasses and briefcase. I kept waiting for him to bitch slap Michael Scott though. Would have made the show a little more watchable for me.

I just haven’t been able to get into The Office this season. Maybe getting the chance to stare at Stringer Bell/Charles Minor for a half hour every week will change all that.

Watch the episode here at the internet’s gift to the unemployed and broke…Hulu.

Click here to be blown away by Idris Elba’s British accent as he talks to NPR’s Terry Gross about how he got the role of Stringer Bell. I can tell Terry is as big a fan of The Wire as I am.