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Harry Potter Theme Park Unveiled.

SciFi Wire has a preview of  Universal’s new Harry Potter Theme Park, which is due to open Spring 2010.

“The expectations of Harry Potter fans are high and Universal Orlando Resort is collaborating closely with J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and the Warner Bros. Harry Potter brand team to ensure that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be an experience of a lifetime.”

Click here for more details about the theme park and it’s creators.

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Werewolves and Vampires. Oh my.

SciFi Wire says the new CW series, The Vampire Diaries, is worth watching. Really.

I’ll watch it at least once, but from the preview I saw, it looked tedious and angsty:

Does anyone remember Paul Wesley from Wolf Lake that lasted only one season in 2001? He played a teenager then too, kinda weird to still be playing a teenager almost 9 years later. I think Wolf Lake was ahead of it’s time, it starred Lou Diamond Phillips as a cop trying to find his girlfriend who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The trail leads him to Wolf Lake, a town chock full of werewolves. The cast was fantastic, Graham Greene played a science teacher, Tim Matheson as the sheriff trying desperately to keep the town’s rogue wolves in check and Sharon Lawrence played the wife of the alpha wolf. I couldn’t find a DVD that didn’t seem to be a bootleg, but you can catch reruns on SyFy or the Chiller network occasionally. I also found it on YouTube, but you have to watch it in segments.

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What’s coming up for The CW’s Supernatural.


SciFi Wire talks to Supernatural creator and producer, Eric Kripke, about the upcoming(and final?) season. If you will recall, last season ended on a cheerful note with Sam and Dean releasing Lucifer from hell. Oops. Season five will be all about the Apocalypse and the battle to return Lucifer to the dark pits from which he emerged. Plan on seeing alot of familiar faces says Kripke:

“”That’s always so much more fun than trying to break a new character. Rufus [Steven Williams] and Ellen [Samantha Ferris] come back as a hunter duo now. He insisted on hunting, and Ellen insisted that he’s hunting with her. Meg is back, just not in the meat suit of [actress] Nicki Aycox. I would have loved to have had it in the meat suit of Nicki. We literally spent out the logic of how that could happen, and we couldn’t. But she’s in the body of the talented actress Rachael Miner. We are trying to bring back as many as we can: Chuck [Rob Benedict], Zachariah [Kurt Fuller]. I love our recurring cast of players.”

One person not confirmed to return is the Winchester’s dad,Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who was killed at the end of season 2. Kripke says with Jeffrey being a big movie star and all now, it may be a challenge. Hopefully he can make an appearance before the show comes to an end.

The new season starts on September 10th. Read the rest of the article here for more details.