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American Gothic.


My current obsession is re-watching the entire season of American Gothic on Hulu. You may or may not remember this fantastic series from 1995. It was created by Shaun (Hardy Boy) Cassidy, and takes place in this small town called Trinity. The story revolves around a little boy(Caleb), his dead sister who talks to him as a ghost(Merlyn) and the town’s evil and supernaturally powerful sheriff, Lucas Buck, played to perfection by Gary Cole. I was worried that it might feel dated, but other than the ridiculously large cellphone a character spoke into, the series still holds up. It’s definitely just as creepy and scary as I remember. I have to remember to not watch this alone in the dark again, especially after hearing Merlyn chanting, “Someones at the door…someones at the door!” over and over right before all hell breaks loose. Catch all 22 episodes here.

Geek note: Sam Raimi was the executive producer and Brenda Bakke(Selena) was just recently on Dollhouse(“Haunted” episode).