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20 Great Costumes to Dress Up Your Pet.


If by “great” you mean “ridiculous” and “guaranteed to make your pug pee in your shoes later”, then yes!

I think this is the worst one of the bunch:


…even the dog seems to be saying, “Really? Slave Leia?¬†REALLY?!??”

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Best night ever.


After coming home from Star Trek, which was 10 kinds of AWESOME…by the way is it weird I found Spock hotter than Kirk…do I have a thing for bowl haircuts…weird…anyway, so after Star Trek, I came home and¬†watched the season finale of 30 Rock. They packed so much into one show I am going to have to watch it again. TV Squad has some of the best quotes from lastnight here.

The new episode is up at Hulu. Click here to start watching.