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That kooky world of fashion.


60 Minutes had an interesting interview lastnight with Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. By interesting, I mean that Morley Safer took some wonderfully sarcastic digs at the fashion world and talked about the gaggle of high fashion girls that live to serve her majesty. It was very Devil Wears Prada. I do wonder why 60 Minutes had Morley interview Anna Wintour. Wouldn’t Anderson Cooper have been a better choice? He seems like a man who understands fashion. Maybe they wanted a snarky interview. Well played 60 Minutes.

TV Squad has the clip here.

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Best night ever.


After coming home from Star Trek, which was 10 kinds of AWESOME…by the way is it weird I found Spock hotter than Kirk…do I have a thing for bowl haircuts…weird…anyway, so after Star Trek, I came home and watched the season finale of 30 Rock. They packed so much into one show I am going to have to watch it again. TV Squad has some of the best quotes from lastnight here.

The new episode is up at Hulu. Click here to start watching.

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HBO picks up Treme.


I’m so excited about the news from TV Squad that HBO has picked up David Simon’s Treme. HBO has greenlit nine episodes of the drama starring Wire alums, Clarke Peters and Wendell Pierce, as well as Melissa Leo from Homicide. The show is about New Orleans musicians, post Hurrican Katrina. Can’t wait to hear the soundtrack that will go with the series.