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A WEREWOLF falls in LOVE with a BABY.

Yep, this video just about sums up Breaking Dawn perfectly.

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If I wanted kids, I’d have his babies.

Ron Livingston was in one of the funniest movies ever, married the lovely and wonderful actress Rosemarie Dewitt, and now this…

He really is the perfect man.

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Sorry for the delay folks.

Wow, I suck. Sorry for the lack of posts. It’s been a little busy lately.¬† Here’s a little something to hold you over until I get back to posting regularly.

Ever notice how incompetent all those infomercial people are? They can’t crack an egg, chop a tomato or use a blanket correctly. Morons. Enjoy this mash up of all the chaos created by the inability of infomercial peeps to use their brains to complete simple tasks:

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The Chinese try to explain Andy Dick to us.

How did we go for so long without the Chinese explaining the day’s biggest stories for us thru the use of cheap animation?!? The same people that brought you the genious that was the Tiger Woods¬†Crash and the NBC Showdown, now give you The Andy Dick Incident.