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With all the rain and the whole being unemployed thing, I am feeling a little blah today. Thankfully I have Jezebel, a wonderous place from which hilarious and disturbing clips like this come from. A warning, do not click if you are offended by Turtle Porn.

One of the best parts of posts on Jezebel, are the comments people leave. My favorite being this one:

I’d venture to say that the first few seconds of that clip, where the male is headbutting the stone in an attempt to mount the female, made many of us watching think “Yeah. I’ve been there.”

My day is sunnier already.

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Sandbox Threads.

I have a friend who will be having a baby shortly so I was browsing thru the interwebs trying to find non-baby baby shirts. You know, nothing too cutesy or with icky statements like “Boob man” written on it. I found a very cool site called Sandbox Threads. They have everything from Stephen Colbert baby tees to Elvis onesies. They have adult sizes too so check them out.

Another reason I think Sandbox Threads rock is because I found this video on their blog. Watch it and be blown away by the creativity and time it took to put this all together:

Update: Apparently everyone knows about the guy who created these videos. I thought I was an internet junkie, how did I miss this?