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Why I need to get a life.


The lack of posts the last couple of days can be blamed on my current obsession of watching documentaries about geek culture. It started Sunday night when I watched Monster Camp, which is a glimpse into the world of LARPing(Live Action Role Playing). It was fascinating and disturbing all at the same time. The second movie was one that several people recommended and I just never got around to watching until I came across it yesterday on G4, King of Kong. I had no idea about all the politics(which I am offically calling “Donkey Politics”), backbiting and drama that surrounded the world of Donkey Kong players. Good lord, it was like high school all over again. The last movie, which I am watching today is Darkon. Similar to Monster Camp, people meet on a weekend to role play in a sort of Dungeons and Dragons like scenario. After I’m done with that I will need to climb out of my cave, get some sunshine and go interact with some real people to clear my head.

GEEK ALERT: If you’re feeling a little hermit like today, then turn on the G4 network. The will be broadcasting all day from the E3 Expo, which is the premiere trade show for computer and video games. The highlight tonight will be Steve Wiebe, of King of Kong fame, trying to break the current record held by Billy Mitchell of 1,050, 200 points. Honestly, how long will these two keep trying to beat each others records? Until one of them dies in some freak Donkey Kong related accident??