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Very helpful Allure.

via Gawker

I’ve been wandering around the interwebs today and lookee what I found…Allure magazine has  step-by-step guide to bathing yourself! Thank God for this because I think I’ve been doing this all out of order. The best part are some of the comments made by Gawker readers:

“What’s a shower?”

“If they really wanted to help, this would have come laminated. Way to fail, Allure, now I’ll never learn how to correctly wash myself.”

“I hope they start covering the real tough stuff. Like flushing the toilet, or putting on pants.”

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Being a zombie isn’t the only way to lose a finger apparently.


Just in time for Easter, Zombie Research Society, has a fantastic zombie bunny painting from artist Cambria Evans. One of Cambria’s clients is Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Lucky girl. It would be nice to work for a company that actually appreciates and encourages creative thinking but who am I kidding,  I have tried dozens of crafts from her show and it NEVER comes out looking like it did on her show. I call the craft a success if I don’t end up with glitter up my nose and glue in my hair. I am apparently not alone in my feelings of craft inadequacy. Gawker talks about why Martha makes them feel like losers.

For all the guys I completely turned off with all the craft talk, The Consumerist talks about Martha Stewart lounge chairs that are eating peoples fingers. Hey, their words not mine.